The New Mortgage Moratorium: The News on the Suspension of the Loan

The New Mortgage Moratorium: The News on the Suspension of the Loan

With the approval, in 2014, of the Stability Law , the measures concerning the mortgage moratorium were adopted in March 2015, with the intention of providing a breath of fresh air to all those who, due to economic problems related to the crisis current economic situation, they are unable to pay all the loan or loan installments .

The mortgage moratorium, the result of an agreement between the banking association (ABI) and consumer associations, entered into force in June 2015 and refers to the 2015-2017 two-year period.

Here are the conditions for accessing the moratorium: upon request for a moratorium, either the suspension of payment of installments can be forwarded by those who, after signing the loan agreement, should lose their job (whether autonomous or employed, for a fixed term or undetermined), or suffer a reduction in family income or an interruption of employment due to layoffs.

Other reasons to take advantage of the moratorium on mortgages, this time not economic but personal, can be serious illness or death, even if there are delays of over 90 days in the payment of the loan.

The provision of the mortgage moratorium provides for a suspension of the payment of the loan installments for 12 months . However, it refers only to the principal amount of the loans and therefore does not affect the interest rate.
Therefore, families that have a mortgage contract, will have to pay the interest rate each month, while the installment net of these can be unpaid for a maximum of 12 months.

With this measure, however, payments of default interest, penalties or commissions are excluded.

Only once and by December 31, 2017, can those who have not accumulated delays of more than 90 days in the payment of the installment and who have not already taken payment suspensions in the previous 24 months have access to this moratorium for mortgage-backed mortgages. .

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