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Banks are institutions that earn money on every transaction. Can this surprise anyone? They are not, after all, charity companies, which is why it is rather a legitimate matter. Of course, customers complain that the costs associated with loans are high, however, it should be noted that several aspects affect the occurrence of this phenomenon.


What fees do banks take with loans

What fees do banks take with loans

First of all, you need to take into account, of course, the scale of a particular mortgage, consolidation, car, etc. investment. In addition to this very important aspect is the repayment period. It should be noted that it is best to decide on the shortest possible period. Thanks to this, less money will simply be given to a specific banking institution .

Some believe that the loan installment is primarily affected by interest rates. Of course, this has an effect on this parameter. What fees does banks collect with loans ? You need to pay attention, among others, to the margins set by you and the fees – for example, the preparatory fee.

It is also worth mentioning a possible loan insurance or an index such as spread, which is charged when collecting loans taken in foreign currency.


How to reduce your liabilities

How to reduce your liabilities

All these individual elements make the final installment of the loan – and thus the cost of credit – usually relatively high. Fortunately, there are also ways to reduce your commitments. How? It’s worth knowing that you need to pay attention to rrso, that is, the actual annual interest rate. It’s worth being aware of this aspect perfectly.

You can use credit comparators for this purpose, but in the end you have to verify everything anyway – by contacting your bank institution in person or by phone, etc.

You have to take advantage of the fact that currently the competition in this industry is very large. The fact that here and there is very high rrso does not mean that it is necessary to decide on this variant. It is possible to calmly analyze other proposals and choose those that I will be much more profitable in this aspect.

A lot of people eagerly take advantage of this possibility, thanks to which they pay smaller installments for several, several or even several dozen years.

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Consolidation serves to merge several loans into a new “umbrella” loan. It is worth considering consolidating loans because it makes it possible to reduce monthly payments and save thousands of crowns. Asking for a merger of loans is now possible with every big bank and some non-bank companies. We offers consolidation with a number of benefits. What are they like and under what conditions is consolidation possible?

If more loans accumulate, it is advisable to merge them into a new loan. Consolidation with us provide clients with a more advantageous loan with an optional repayment period and a number of benefits. It allows to shorten the total repayment time, better overview of regular installments and set up installments as needed.

Applying for a new consolidation is possible online, through a customer line or in person at one of the branches.


Loan merger – basic parameters

  • Amount of consolidation: 50,000 to 1,000,000 CZK
  • Maximum number of loans: unlimited
  • Need to prove income: no
  • Borrower registry check: no
  • Settlement, maintenance or early repayment fee: free
  • Maturity: 6 to 120 months
  • APR: from 6.06%

Advantages and disadvantages of consolidation

Advantages and disadvantages of consolidation


Like other banks, we also offers a merger of loans with certain benefits. These include, among other things, an interest rate of 5.9% in the case of a consolidation of CZK 200,000 for 24 months or the possibility to merge various types of loans, including overdrafts and credit card debt. Unfortunately, housing loans from other companies cannot be included in consolidation .


  • high consolidation limit of CZK 1,000,000
  • possibility to merge bank and non-bank loans , credit cards and overdrafts
  • possibility to get extra money
  • the amount of the saved amount can be easily ascertained with the loan consolidation calculator
  • minimum administrative requirements


  • housing loans provided by another company cannot be part of the consolidation
  • the condition is regular income
  • relatively low approval (around 40%)

The credit limit is higher than for most competing companies and reliable clients can reach 5.9% for the interest rate . Unfortunately, housing loans from other companies cannot be included in consolidation.


Loan Consolidation – Calculator

Loan Consolidation - Calculator


Loan consolidators and calculators are the best tool for comparing individual company bids and finding the amount saved . How much will the borrower pay in case of consolidation of loans?

Example: If the consolidation amount is CZK 250,000 , the maturity of 5 years , the interest rate of 6.5% and APR 6.69% , the monthly payments will be CZK 4,891 and the client will pay CZK 293,460 .


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Credit Holidays – What Is It? – Consolidation Loan http://www.aktuellekinofilme.net/credit-holidays-what-is-it-consolidation-loan/ http://www.aktuellekinofilme.net/credit-holidays-what-is-it-consolidation-loan/#respond Mon, 04 Feb 2019 06:05:01 +0000 http://www.aktuellekinofilme.net/credit-holidays-what-is-it-consolidation-loan/


When you apply for a loan in an institution, we are verified in terms of our ability to repay the debt on a given date. Appropriate income-supported documents are required, which will allow us to estimate how much credit the bank can offer.

In addition, the credit history in economic databases and the Polish Bank Association are also analyzed, as each bank wants to be sure that the borrower is in fact a reliable client. When we go through the creditworthiness test procedure, we get a preliminary positive or negative response on the financial commitment.



However, we are interested only in the first option. The customer received a loan because his ability to pay the debt made it possible. However, the loan period there may be various difficulties, such as dismissal or sudden accident, which may result in loss of financial liquidity. Then the borrower may temporarily fail to repay the installments, which is referred to as credit holidays.


Credit holidays – what is it?

Credit holidays - what is it?

Credit holidays are temporary suspension of installments repayment due to financial liabilities. It can be a period of one month or several years. Some banks offer one-off credit holidays, while others have to offer several postponements to debt repayment.

In addition, you can suspend the entire loan installment, which consists of both the costs of its service and capital or only the amount of capital itself. Of course, all repayment terms remain unchanged. Such temporary deferral of the liability return has no impact on the client’s credit history.

It is a contract between him and a given bank, which is not recorded in any of the economic offices. The bank also determines from what moment credit consumers will be entitled. They are usually available after half a year of regular debt repayment. Sometimes we meet a grace period that has to do with the suspension of loan repayment. This is the time that has elapsed since the conclusion of the contract with the bank until the first installment.

Credit holidays should only serve us when our financial situation deteriorates. This is not the time to realize your whims, because we will not avoid repayment of the loan.

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